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Lifestyle Planning Process - Full Comprehensive

Many people construct their financial plan without really thinking about where they want to end up and consequently they often don’t have an appropriate strategy to get there. When you meet with Kraner, before considering specific strategies or investment products, we first establish what it is you want to achieve. There is no one-size-fits-all model because everyone has different financial resources and different objectives. However, we do have a framework through which you can determine what is and is not realistically possible for your retirement lifestyle. We invite you to get familiar with the information we will be discussing with you in order to understand your financial goals.


        Introduction Meeting

  • In this meeting, we ask you to communicate your financial goals, discuss your investing history and provide us with an overview of your current financial situation. As part of this discovery process, we share our philosophy of money and the business model of Kraner, LLC with respect to serving our clients.

        Commitment to Planning and Gathering of Data

  • When a decision is made to begin working with our firm, we will send you contract paperwork and a list of documents necessary to begin the financial planning process. Once you collect those items, the documents are scanned into our system and forwarded to our financial planning specialist.  Your documents are returned to you in the exact order they were provided to us.

        Team Introduction

  • Our entire team at Kraner, LLC will be available to respond to any of your requests. This will include our financial planning specialist whose primary focus will be to “shepherd” you through the process and be your liaison along the way.  It will also include a lead advisor who will work closely with you to create and implement the steps of your financial plan.



⧠      Data Review Call/Meeting

  • Approximately two to three weeks after receipt of the requested documents, after we have had a chance to input your data, a conference call will be scheduled to discuss the data you have provided and secure any additional information necessary to accurately model your financial situation.

        Visions and Values Conversation

  • A core element of our risk management and estate planning process involves this in-depth conversation to uncover two things: Potential “trainwrecks” that could upset your ability to live out your preferred lifestyle and/or “opportunities”, either in lifetime or at death that would allow you to help the people or causes you care most about.

        Investment Collaboration Meeting

  • This meeting is an opportunity to work with our team to learn more about the variety of investment vehicles we have access to and participate in the design and construction of your financial plan. Your informed feedback will allow us to custom design a Lifestyle Model that works for you and focuses on your objectives.

        Presentation of The Lifestyle Model

  • Utilizing the information gathered, our team will present a fully customized “Lifestyle Model” which will outline steps to be taken to help you pursue your stated goals and objectives. Specific investment recommendations and action steps will be provided for your review and consideration. All paperwork needed to affect your customized plan will be provided at this meeting.

        Follow up meeting/Signing Party

  • Within 3 to 5 business days after the presentation of your Lifestyle Model we have a meeting to answer questions and/or provide feedback on our investment recommendations. Assuming the plan addresses your financial objectives, we have a “signing party” to execute forms and celebrate your first step towards your financial independence!



        Review of Risk Management Findings

  • We will review with you any risks identified in the Visions and Values Conversation and offer guidance and suggestions as to how you can transfer risks identified. Some risks (like health risks) cannot be transferred, but instead must be assumed.

⧠      Estate Plan Design Meeting

  • A review of your current documents (if applicable) will be discussed. If new or revised documents are warranted, design assistance will be provided, ensuring the documents accurately reflect your goals and take advantage of all available credits, deductions, and exemptions.

⧠      Draft of Attorney Letter

  • We will draft an attorney letter on your behalf, outlining the decisions made during the Estate Plan Design Meeting. In the letter, we ask the attorney to give a quote on the project in an effort to help avoid paying hourly rates.  If changes are needed, our team will work as a liaison with the drafting attorney and continue to review all subsequent drafts.

⧠      Estate Planning document Execution

  • A member of our team will assist with the execution of your estate planning documents.

        Titling and Beneficiary Review

  • Once your estate planning documents have been executed, we will assist with the re-titling of any assets and/or liabilities (as deemed necessary) and make specific recommendations as to how your beneficiary designations should be modified to confirm with your estate plan.

        Investment Statement Review

  • As you receive new investment statements, we will walk you through your statements, help you understand the relevant information and answer any questions you may have.

        Family Meeting

  • An opportunity for your heirs to have an understanding of estate planning concepts – normally actual dollar amounts are not discussed but instead concepts are reviewed. The goal is to provide a few “rules of the road.”

        Let’s Get Organized!

  • A member of our team will work on setting up your access to view your Financial Concierge dashboard.


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